Aromatherapy – A Natural Migraine Treatment

Aromatherapy – A Natural Migraine TreatmentAromatherapy is an alternate medical treatment that makes use of essential oils that are derived from plants and flowers. The exact science of aromatherapy is unknown. Is it the aroma from these essential oils that form the basis of the therapy or the active chemicals in them?

Doctors are still divided in opinion over this issue. However, they do agree that aromatherapy works as an excellent natural migraine treatment when it complements traditional course of medicines.

By itself, aromatherapy may not have the desired effect, but when teamed with prescribed medication they can reduce the frequency of your migraines and the severity of the attacks.

When trying aromatherapy as natural migraine cure, you need to take some precautions. To begin with keep your doctor in the loop. This should be a standard practice before you try anything new. Your next step should be to get in touch with an experienced aromatherapist to see exactly what this therapy entails.

Sometimes when natural migraine remedies, like aromatherapy, are combined with medicines, it can trigger some adverse reactions. Be on the lookout for these side effects and report them to your health care specialist and aromatherapist immediately.

A crucial factor for the success of this natural migraine treatment is the use of real plant-derived essential oils. While these essential oils are sold in abundance in the market, you need to make sure that what you are using is the original product, not diluted essential oils. Good essential oils will be stored in dark containers, which will be kept in a place not exposed to direct sunlight. Finally, never apply these essential oils directly to the skin as they can irritate it and cause rashes.

There is more than one way in which essential oils can be used as a natural migraine cure. The most popular method is to add it to a diffuser, a couple of times in a day. Alternatively, you can add the oils to a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam with your eyes closed. Some essential oils can also be added to the bath or used as a massage oil, but before you do that, be sure to consult your aromatherapist, as not all essential oils can be used for this purpose.

Some of the more popular essential oils that work as natural migraine treatment are chamomile, lavender, marjoram, peppermint, ylang, ylang, rosemary, sage, eucalyptus, clary, and sandalwood.

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